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Spontaneity: Part Five - The Drive Home

As we drove away, I had to laugh. Could it really be that we just drove for 24 straight hours, ate, slept, spent the morning and afternoon exploring, and were already on our way out of town? I laughed some more, because yep, it was true. and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Spontaneity: Part Three

After much discussion, a couple of hours, and some good ol' bartering with hotel managers, we finally found a place to stay. As it turned out, my Mom was staying at a nice Holiday Inn Express in Fort Lauderdale. We thought we ought to stay there too, and spend a little time with family while we were in town.  Although the Holiday Inn website clearly stated "No Vacancy", we decided to give them a call anyway. Thankfully, they had a spare room for us. We set our GPS, and once again, we were off.

Vermont's Little Grand Canyon: Quechee Gorge

Nicknamed "Vermont's Little Grand Canyon", Quechee Gorge is nestled between Woodstock and Hartford, Vermont in the quaint town of Quechee.  A beautiful wonder of nature carved into the land by glaciers many years ago, this gorge is a must see along Route 4. 

The Quechee Gorge Bridge, originally built in 1911 , allows Route 4 to cross over the gorge, providing a stunning view. There are sidewalks on either side of the bridge, granting a relatively thrilling walk, high above the gorge.

A perfectly situated hiking trail affords "gorge-ous" views of the Ottauquechee River. With multiple scenic overlooks, each about 165 feet above the gorge, there are many opportunities for snapping photos of the sparkling, emerald waters below.