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Happy Summer!

Happy Summer!

Hello and happy summer, folks! It’s finally here! Now let the BBQs, bonfires, and beach days begin!

June has been a crazy month for Josh and me since we first started dating. There’s always something happening - Father’s day, several birthdays (including mine!), our anniversary, and what seems like a gazillion other things. It’s my favorite month, and it seems like every year it gets better and better.

This year, in celebration of my birthday and our first wedding anniversary, Josh and I went on an epic, two week vacation together. We spent some time in Colorado with friends, and then we spent some alone time in California. After that, we met back up with our friends in Colorado, and enjoyed a loooong road trip from there back to New York. It was an exhausting, wonderful trip and we couldn’t be happier.

Throughout the trip, we saw tons of cool, new things and ate lots of great food (obvs). Over the course of the next few weeks (months?) I’m going to be sharing details and photos of the cool stuff we did, but for now, here’s a quick list/preview of everything you can look forward to reading about!

In Colorado, we:

  • Saw our first ever Cirque du Soleil show, Luzia - A Waking Dream of Mexico
  • Hiked at some incredible places (and saw some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve ever seen), including:
  • Hanging Lake
  • Spouting Rock
  • Bear Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Seven Falls and
  • Garden of the Gods

We also:

  • Drove to the top of Pike’s Peak and gazed in awe at some amazing vistas from 14,114 feet. (And I suffered from a bit of altitude sickness!)
  • Walked around Boulder and visited the Boulder Farmers Market
  • Met our friend’s family’s dogs, Bailey and Levi. SOOOO CUUUUTE! <3
  • Camped in a tiny one room cabin near Garden of the Gods and went swimming after a long day of hiking!
  • Floated across the Royal Gorge and Arkansas river in a dinky little cable car, then trekked over the freaky wobbly Royal Gorge Bridge on foot. (Not for the faint of heart!)
  • Escaped a murderous kidnapper at Colorado Escape!
  • Camped out in another small cabin (this time two rooms) in the middle of the Great Plains.

And then, finally, we made our way from Colorado to California, where we:

  • Went to the beach in Santa Barbara
  • Checked out the Santa Barbara Farmers Market
  • Drove up the PCH to Pismo Beach and Cayucos, where we hung out on the pier and watched surfers catch some waves
  • Drove back to Santa Barbara just in time to walk around the beautiful Santa Barbara Courthouse at sunset and then
  • Ate a sunset picnic on the beach
  • Soaked our sore muscles in the outdoor hot tub at our hotel, and then rested up for the next leg of our trip, during which we:
  • Scouted out street art in Ventura
  • Hiked at Point Dume Nature Preserve and saw some beautiful sea lions!
  • Chilled at the beach in Malibu
  • Checked out Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

And finally,

  • Visited Joshua Tree National Park!


Now, I'm happy to be home and very much looking forward to sharing all of the nitty gritty details with you, along with some of my favorite pictures from the trip. On top of that, I will share some of the delicious vegan restaurants we went to (and loved). Keep an eye out for all of the updates coming your way!!!

I’ve also got a new series coming out in July, so prepare yourself for the awesomeness! :D :D :D

Talk to you soon!


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