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More Music! (Wedding Edition! Part 4)

More Music! (Wedding Edition! Part 4)

Hello, folks!

I'm back again with yet another wedding music playlist for you. This time we're going to talk about Josh's and my "special dance" songs. This includes our first dance song and all three of our parent dance songs! 

After our ceremony, while most of our friends and family hung out at cocktail hour, Josh and I went off with our wedding party and immediate family to take photos. When we finished up with that (a little behind schedule...) we returned to the Clark House to get the reception started. Everyone was waiting for us in the big, white tent out back, so Josh and I headed straight to the dance floor for our first dance.

J & K First Dance

Would you believe that we had a (very poorly) choreographed dance prepared? (I guess Josh's part was pretty good. Mine, however, was questionable! LOL!)

 For several weeks prior to the wedding, the two of us stayed up late every night dancing in our kitchen to our song.

So much so, that when I saw this kitchen towel at Hobby Lobby, I bought two of them! How did they know?!

More Wedding Music! (Our First Dance, and More) | Lifestyles of the Poor and Vegan | www.poorandvegan.com

For our First Dance song, we chose:

Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran.

The very first time we heard Tenerife Sea, it immediately struck us both as the perfect song for our first dance. With its sweeping melody and romantic chorus, it just sounded right to us. For some reason, it always brings tears to my eyes. (I have it on right now, as inspiration for this post, and I am literally crying. Bah!) It truly makes me feel overwhelmed with love for my husband. It feels intimate and honest, and I don't think we could have picked a better song for us.

So, after weeks and weeks of midnight practicing, we finally brought our silly choreography to the dance floor. In those few minutes, we could not stop laughing and giggling with each other. We were so happy to be there, and the song and dance just amplified that. Before the wedding, I had tons of anxiety about dancing in front of everyone. When the time came, though, all of that just melted away. It was just Josh and me.

J & K First Dance
J & K First Dance

Later on in the evening, we had our parent dances. I danced with my dad, Josh danced with his Mom, and I even surprised my mom with a dance. 

For my father daughter dance, I chose I Loved Her First by Heartland.

Father Daughter Dance

This is another one of those songs that brings tears to my eyes. (Maybe I'm just a crybaby, I don't know...)

For her and Josh's Mother Son dance, Jill chose Child of Mine by Carole King. 

Mother Son Dance

It's such a sweet song. (Another tearjerker...Is anyone else sensing a pattern here?)

For my mother daughter dance, I picked Mama's Song by Carrie Underwood.

Mother Daughter Dance

The first time I heard this song (I think it was 2010 - a long time ago!), I knew that I wanted to dance to it, with my mom, at Josh's and my future wedding. I knew in my heart of hearts that one day, I would get the chance to do so. Sure enough, things turned out just the way I had hoped they would.

So, there you have it! Our first dance song and our parent dances. If you're looking for wedding music, I hope these songs inspire you!

Do you already have your first dance / parent dance songs picked out, or are you already married? I'd love to hear what songs you chose for your wedding! Please comment below and share your thoughts! 





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