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Our Wedding Shower & A Big Surprise

Our Wedding Shower & A Big Surprise

Josh's mom and sister, along with my Maid of Honor, Katherine, worked tirelessly to craft the perfect wedding shower for us. We couldn't have been happier with the turnout. 

Amanda created a lovely playlist for us that played throughout the whole party. She also worked with Katherine to make a beautiful slideshow for us. It was very sweet.

There was a ton of delectable vegan food. Amanda brought us cupcakes from a bakery in Philadelphia. Jill made a carrot cake and tons of other food; Sandwiches, chili, fruit platters, and more. Nobody went home hungry! 

It was a marvelous day.

We judged a toilet paper wedding dress contest. We laughed, joked, hugged lots of people, played trivia, and opened generous gifts. 

Then, just when we thought we had opened the very last gift, we were presented with one more: A pretty blue binder.

A little confused, we opened it and found the following message:

“Josh + Kristi

You are getting married in 28 days!!! Can you believe it?

We hope you are enjoying the planning and prepping and that this shower has helped you get (EVEN MORE) excited for your wedding day.

We know you guys are going to be a wonderful married couple, because you support and love each other so much, and are always there to lend a helping hand, a listening ear, a warm heart and of course - a foot on the gas pedal going anywhere and everywhere, together.

It is this love for each other and for adventure that keeps your relationship exciting and fun.

We know that won’t stop at the wedding, and we wanted to make sure it continues for you both as you begin your marriage together…”

Our interests were piqued...We made some puzzled faces at each other (and everyone else in the room) and then turned to the next page. It read:

“What better way to share an adventure together than a honeymoon?

We have all chipped in to give you both a honeymoon that takes you somewhere you’ve never been, where you can have adventures of all kinds.

Be ready to pack your bags on Sunday, June 19th and get picked up...to leave for Albany airport at 3 A.M! (Drink your coffee!)”


We had originally planned on doing a “staycation”  or a short road trip after the wedding; Nothing too fancy, as we didn’t have much leftover money to work with. We just wanted to spend some time together decompressing and reveling in newly-wedded bliss.

However, after opening this gift, our plans changed drastically.

My incredible sister-in-law, Amanda, had rallied our friends and family together to provide us with the “California Dreamin” trip that Josh and I been wanting to take for years. We had big goals to visit the west coast someday. We even had a Pinterest board full of things we wanted to see and do while we were there.

Well, now we were going!

The rest of the binder included photos and ideas for fun things to do while in California. It also included all of our booking information.

Our plane tickets were booked. Our hotel was reserved. Our rental car was paid for. We were given money for gas, food, and activities. Amanda had even researched and listed vegan restaurants for us to visit. All we had to do was get married and then show up to the airport.

We were absolutely floored. Never in a million years could we have expected this. We just sat there, stunned. How could we ever repay these wonderful, generous people that we were surrounded with? How was it possible that we were this blessed?

Once we got over the initial shock, we repeatedly thanked everyone. We were so beyond psyched to relax after the wedding and we could not wait to jet off to our next big adventure.

Want to know where we stayed, ate, and played in Cali? More details coming soon! :)

Our Vegan Wedding Menu

Our Vegan Wedding Menu

More Music! (Wedding Edition! Part 2)

More Music! (Wedding Edition! Part 2)