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Just Married! (Kind of...)

Just Married! (Kind of...)

I suppose it’s true what they say; Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I keep finding myself caught off guard when anyone mentions the date. It baffles me to think that it’s already mid-September, and summer is quickly turning into fall.

Josh and I have been married now for nearly four months! While we haven’t had a ton of time together to just sit and ponder the fact that we are married (!!!), we have had a lot of fun this summer. Not only did we put together and celebrate our own DIY wedding, but we helped put together and celebrate the wedding of our good friends, Katherine and Addison, too! On top of that, we’ve had house guests, and day trips, and road trips, and bridal showers, and family time, and our honeymoon, and work, and school, and more going on. It’s been quite the whirlwind around here, and while it has become a little stressful from time to time, overall it’s been really nice being in it all together - Married!

Just Married | Lifestyles of the Poor and Vegan

As far as our wedding goes, Josh and I are both thrilled with the way it turned out. It was intimate, fun, laid-back, and very “us” - Exactly what we wanted. Everyone we’ve talked with about it has told us how much they loved it, and that’s music to our ears. It was important to us that everyone felt welcomed and comfortable. It’s nice to get a little frilly here and there, but a wedding should be a celebration of the couple - And frilly we are not! So, we made a lot of decisions hoping they would reflect that.

That said, the decision to hold our ceremony and reception at Josh’s parent’s home was one of the very best that we could have made. Their large backyard was the perfect size and setting for the wedding of our dreams, and their front yard was just the right place for our cocktail hour.

While it was already quite nice, we did put a lot of work into beautifying the space. In the spring, Josh and I teamed up with his parents and our friends Katherine and Addison to do yard work. We spent an entire weekend raking and gardening. We filled more than one hundred yard waste bags with leaves and twigs in those two days. ONE HUNDRED! In the following days, we were all finding dirt in uncomfortable places and tending to muscles we weren’t previously aware of.

That was just the beginning. Shortly after that, Josh’s parents had to have two large trees removed from their yard, due to the potential danger of them falling on their own. Unfortunately, the heavy machinery used to take the trees down did a lot of damage to both the back and side yards. A LOOOOT of damage. So much so that we had to have two truck loads of topsoil brought in to fix it. Our team of hard workers broke out their rakes and wheelbarrows, and joined together once again. We lumbered around the yard in the heat and the rain, raking out the topsoil and planting grass seed that we hoped would grow long and strong in the three weeks before the wedding. (It did, for the most part!)

Once the lawn was taken care of, Josh’s mom and her helpers tended to the gardens around the yard. Weeds were pulled, flowers were planted, and mulch was laid. Furniture was pulled out of the shed and placed strategically around the yard, a deck was moved, a hammock was hung, a new fire-pit was built, fences were mended, ceremony benches were built, and white lights were strung all about. With hard work and perseverance, the yard was transformed into a beautiful, romantic venue.

It wasn’t long after the yard was completed that Josh’s parents announced that they would be having interior renovations done as well! They had all new windows put in around the house, new kitchen counters installed, a new kitchen floor put in, new paint and trim done in the kitchen, as well as a few updates done in the bathroom. We worried that things might not be completed in time, but they were, and the house looked simply gorgeous for our big day.

I don’t know if it was the power of positive thinking, or simply dumb luck, but every obstacle we encountered was remedied just in the nick of time. Things kept popping up, but with the help of our awesome family and friends, we kept ticking them off of the list. That was a running theme for us throughout everything - Everything worked out just the way it was supposed to. We had luck, positivity, and lots of love working in our favor. Now here we are, absolutely loving being married, and looking forward to all of the fun that is yet to come.

I hope you like wedding talk, because in the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing all sorts of details from our DIY, rustic woodland themed wedding adventures. From flowers to photography, dresses to drink recipes, centerpieces to music selections, and more, it’ll all be here! :)

I’m also going to try to catch you up on the big list of other adventures we’ve had in the last year or so! Aaaand I am going to try to stay current with all of the fun fall activities we have coming up. It’s going to take a lot of coffee, but we can do this! Now place your hands on your hips (power pose!) and say it with me! “WE GOT THIS!”

See ya soon!


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