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Spontaneity: Part Five - The Drive Home

Spontaneity: Part Five - The Drive Home


We left the beach and said goodbye to my mom. It was time for us to begin our long journey home.

We stopped at the nearest Cumberland Farms (because we are obsessed) and filled up our gas tank. We bought a case of water, and took turns changing our clothes in the restroom. Our swimsuits were switched out for comfy car clothes, and with that, we were off.

As we drove away, I had to laugh. Could it really be that we just driven for 24 straight hours, eaten, slept, spent the morning and afternoon exploring, and were already on our way out of town? I laughed some more, because yep, it was true. and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

On our way through Boca Raton, we ended up stopping at the second Darbster location for some dinner, and we absolutely loved every bit of the food. The staff at this location was equally as friendly as the one in West Palm Beach -They even took 10% off our bill because we had to wait a few extra minutes for our food. 

I had the best cheese plate on the planet - It had chewy, flaky bread, three different kinds of vegan cheese, grapes, apple slices, mixed greens, and candied pecans. I may or may not have proclaimed my love for the cheese and exclaimed that I wanted to marry this specific cheese plate. It was absolutely incredible, and it was also quite large. I was very impressed. (Thus the marriage remark.)

Josh had the vegan "chicken" parm, which was also delicious. The batter was crisp and flavorful, and the inside of the "cutlet" was juicy and tender. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We also shared a piece of 7 layer ice cream cake that had soft, vanilla cake and layers of fresh strawberry "nice cream", fresh strawberry sauce, grilled pineapple, and chopped strawberries. It was completely divine. 

Once we finished eating, we were back on the road. The traffic was excellent since it was later in the evening. We drove straight through the night, stopping only for gas and bathroom breaks. We listened to music, sang our hearts out, took turns sleeping and driving, and talked a whole lot about life. 

We ended up getting off of the highway the next day, to drive through Virginia Beach, VA. Neither one of us had been there before, and we thought it might be fun to check it out. We drove around the strip, saw the beach, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and once again, we were off.  On our way out of town, we decided to take the scenic route away from the beach. 

We followed Route 13 and took the bridge over Chesapeake Bay. We found it pretty interesting that it was a mix of both bridge and tunnel; Some parts drove up and over the dark water, while other sections took us deep below the choppy surface. On the bridge, there were a couple of parking areas where we were able to get out of the car, stretch our legs, and take in the view. It was very pretty, and something we had never experienced before. After a few moments, we hit the road again.

We followed Route 13 for a while, and then we veered east toward Chincoteague Island. Again, neither of us had ever been there, and we hoped we might catch the sunset, or even spy an Assateague pony.

We never did see a pony, sadly, but we were lucky enough to witness an absolutely breathtaking sunset. We pulled over to take a few photos, though we were unable to fully capture the beauty. The deep reds and oranges lit up the sky as though it were on fire. The dark water struck a cold balance against the warm, lively sky. As we stood at the side of a small, local road, we could smell the salt air and feel a cool, gentle breeze blowing in off of the water. It was a magical five minutes that made the out-of-the-way drive one hundred percent worth it. With one last deep breath of fresh sea air, we were on the road once again.

Pictures do not even come close to the true beauty of this sunset. Do yourself a favor and see a Chincoteague sunset in person.

After about ten more hours of driving, singing, and napping, we arrived home at long last. We were exhausted, a bit sunburned, and slightly cranky after being in the car all weekend. But you know what? We had explored places we had never been, we had eaten food that was absolutely heavenly, we had laughed with, and sometimes at, one another, and we had created memories to last a lifetime. We had spontaneously decided to drive from New York to Florida, and back again, all in a single weekend. We had decided that we wouldn't let a long, rough winter get the best of us. We sought out the sunshine, and we found it. We had acted on an unexpected burst of spontaneity, and it had paid off ten-fold. 

We pulled into our driveway, left our things in the car, and went straight to bed. I've never slept better. 

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