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Spontaneity: Part One

Spontaneity: Part One

Spring is just around the corner, and I could not be more excited. It seems as though it has been a long, tough winter for just about everyone, and I'm looking forward to seeing it come to a close. 

Honestly though, it hasn't been happening fast enough for me. I've grown seriously tired of the frozen fingers and toes, ice-cold air, and dreary weather.

Last week, I was having a tough time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt trapped, exhausted, and just plain gross. I could feel a cold, wintery depression creeping around the corner towards me and it made me very uneasy. I'm working hard to have my Best Year Ever, and I was worried that if I didn't do something quick, my best year ever might soon become significantly less great. I needed a big ol' dose of vitamin D, ASAP!

 So, I decided to take things into my own hands. If spring wasn't coming to me, I was going to get out there and find spring!

Tuesday night, I had a chat with Josh. By Thursday, the car was packed, the cooler was full of tasty vegan treats, and we were on our way. Destination: The Sunshine State

We slept in shifts - one of us driving while the other slept, switching back and forth when we grew drowsy. (Suzie supervised.) We stopped here and there for quick breaks, but returned to the road quickly. I was desperate to feel the sun on my skin and a warm breeze in my hair. I longed to sink my toes into the hot sand and feel the cool splash of waves on my legs. 

We drove and drove and drove. Twenty-four hours later, we found just what we were looking for.

The moment we passed the sign exclaiming, "Welcome to Florida" we whooped and shouted and danced in our seats. Our windows were down, the radio was turned up, and we were cruising down the road. 

I could feel the heavy weight rise from my shoulders and drift out the window, floating off into the sky like a balloon. The further we drove, the smaller it became. Eventually, it was merely a tiny dot in the rear-view mirror. Finally, I could focus on the present moment. I could once again see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Spontaneity be damned, we had the foresight to make a campground reservation before we arrived in Florida. After the fifth or sixth "no vacancy" message, we decided to move our search away from the coast. We had been hoping to stay close to the Atlantic, but we soon realized that our last minute trip had landed smack in the middle of spring break and bike week. 

No biggie! We checked the KOA website and found a nice campground, in a nice town, not too far out west!  It was even on a lake! It couldn't have been more perfect! Or so we thought...

The drive toward the campground started well. We were enticed by the farmland and the slower pace of the area compared to the coastal areas we were more acquainted with. But then, things started going awry. We needed gas and the only place we could find was sketchy, to say the least. The pumps were ancient, the parking lot was basically a dust bowl, and the convenience store area was more of a severely run down shack. The sturdiest thing about the whole place was the bars on the windows! The entire time we were there, we were stared down by scruffy youths, which was very unsettling. At that point, I just wanted to get the gas we needed and hit the road. But then, I saw it. It was horrifying. It was one if the creepiest, most ominous things I've ever seen. It was standing there, as if waiting for a crime to occur right in front of it. My eyes fluttered to meet Josh's, and we both swallowed hard.    

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Spontaneity: Part Two

Spontaneity: Part Two

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