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Green Onion Experiment - A Success!

Green Onion Experiment - A Success!

Check these babies out! They have grown so well over these last few weeks!

I went camping for a couple of days this past weekend, and it seems like these guys exploded to twice their previous size while I was away. There is even a whole new, third growth section that wasn't there before. Where did it come from?!

Oh, magical Nature! How I love thee! 

I was beginning to get a little worried that these lovelies were stuck at a mediocre growth level. Before I went away for the weekend, they had been sitting at what seemed like the same stage for a few days. I thought I might have to give up, chop them up, and toss them into my dinner when I got home. I was sad because I thought I'd get to watch them grow a little longer before eating them.

Well, they must have heard me talking about them, because I left, and they grew! Woohoo! 

I did end up having to throw out one of the original two bunches, unfortunately. For some reason, it didn't take as well to the water as this bunch did. It actually turned into a mushy little bundle that stunk up my kitchen. (No photographic evidence, lucky you!)

But these guys here! These guys did great! Along the way I trimmed back a few of the sprouts, in order to give more strength to the larger ones. My hope was that rather than ending up with a whole bunch of "okay" sprouts, I would end up with a couple of really strong ones. I think it worked out pretty well!

Green Onion Growing Project. Photo by Kristi Blackmer, Lifestyles of the Poor and Vegan

 I would say that, so far, this little experiment has turned out quite to be quite successful. Now all that's left is the taste test! I think I'll whip up something tasty with them this weekend. 

Do you have any green onion recipes to share? I know I could always hop on over to Pinterest and find some tasty ideas there, but I would much rather hear from you folks! 

As always, love from my house to yours! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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