Welcome to Lifestyles of the Poor and Vegan!  

My name is Kristi.

I am: A constant work in progress, a wife, a dog-mom, a lover of adventure, and an aspiring writer.

This is my adventure log, recipe book, photo album, and more. 

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places, try new foods, and experience new things.

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The Adventure Begins...

Hello there! My name is Kristi, and I hereby invite you to join me on what's sure to be one very exciting adventure!

This blog will serve as my travel log. Here, I will record all of the ups & downs, ins & outs, and highs & lows throughout my journey.

"What is this journey you speak of?"

Well, my journey toward becoming a full-fledged vegan, of course!  And I would love for you to join me!

Some things you can expect to read about in the future include:

  • My trials and tribulations testing tasty vegan recipes (with pictures!)
  • Tips and tricks for traveling as a vegan
  • Newbie vegan fails (Read: Things to laugh at me about...)
  • Vegan product reviews
  • Random tidbits of information about living a vegan lifestyle
  • News in the Vegan World
  •  and so much more! 

I look forward to sharing these adventures with you, so please keep in touch!

And if you have any advice for a newbie vegan such as myself, please leave a comment and let me know! I'm always grateful for shared wisdom. 

Hope to see you back here soon!






Why Vegan? Why Now?

Why Vegan? Why Now?