To Heaven in a Handbag

While checking out the very large selection of handbags at Lord & Taylor, I mentioned that I'd like to find a small, vegan bag to carry when I go to music festivals and concerts. The stuff we were looking at was all very beautiful, but I couldn't help but notice that the majority of things, if not all of them, were leather. If the whole bag wasn't leather, it had leather handles, or a leather bottom. To be honest, it was pretty frustrating. 

Oven Baked S'mores

When I think of summer, I think of warm, sunny days relaxing at the lake. I think of forests, and tents, and sleeping bags. I think of cool, cozy nights around crackling campfires. I think of melty chocolate, gooey marshmallows, and crisp graham crackers. When I think of summer, I think of s'mores. 


A Place for Humans and Pets Alike

The plan was to hold off on eating until we got to a nice little spot for a picnic. First though, I wanted to take a peek at the food! It smelled so yummy and tempting, I couldn't help but look. Once we opened up the boxes and spied the delicious food within, we couldn't wait another minute. We ended up eating right there in the car, parked outside of the restaurant. 

Spontaneity: Part Three

After much discussion, a couple of hours, and some good ol' bartering with hotel managers, we finally found a place to stay. As it turned out, my Mom was staying at a nice Holiday Inn Express in Fort Lauderdale. We thought we ought to stay there too, and spend a little time with family while we were in town.  Although the Holiday Inn website clearly stated "No Vacancy", we decided to give them a call anyway. Thankfully, they had a spare room for us. We set our GPS, and once again, we were off.

Spontaneity: Part Two

"We have to at least check-in to our site. There's a surprise for you!" I pressed for more information, but Josh didn't budge.  We just trekked on toward the KOA with mixed feelings. We would check it out, and if we didn't feel safe, we would promptly check out and find another place to stay. If it was nice, we would stay the night.

One of the biggest, most exciting things consuming my time these days  is my work towards becoming a certified nutritional therapist.  I'm learning so much about the human body, and how our diets can affect our health. (You may have seen a few photos on Instagram of some of my reading materials.) It is a lot of work, but it is work that I don't mind doing. I truly enjoy learning new things, and I am passionate about health -mine and yours!  My hope is that all of this learning will, in turn, allow me to help us all to live a healthier, happier life, and make informed decisions regarding our diets.

Confetti Cabbage Soup

 Not only is this soup delicious, it also packs quite the punch in terms of health benefits. Chock full of veggies, vitamins, and minerals, there's just no beating this delicious, warming soup in the dead of winter. Give it a try! Before you know it, your stomach and immune system will both be thanking you!

Our main ingredients (cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes) each yield many nutritional benefits.

New Year, New You: 10 Steps to Your Best Year Ever!

It's a new year, folks! And you know what that means! It's time to start busting out those weight loss plans! New year, new you! Am I right? Well, no, not really. I'm actually here to offer up some friendly advice. 

I'd like to apologize in advance if you came here for quick tips and diet advice. But I'm not interested in that. What I'm interested in is sharing my (blunt) opinion, and helping you to have the best year possible in 2015. So here it is: My unsolicited, friendly, opinionated, and hopefully helpful advice:

You can try out all of the fad diets that you want. You can work your ass off at the gym for the next four weeks. You can spend countless dollars on fitness equipment, kitchen gadgets, and health club memberships that you're going to use once, if that, and then shove deep into a closet, not to be seen again until next new year's eve rolls around. If that's what you want, go for it. You'll be no different than a vast majority of the population. I promise to do my best not to judge. Heaven knows, I'm far from perfect.

But if you'd really like to change your life, put down the "Get Fit Fast!" articles and the Shake Weights. I'm no expert on fitness, health, or weight loss.

What I am, though, is happy, and what I experienced this past year was my best year ever!  So, why not give me a chance to explain myself? Grab a nice cup of tea, and check out these: